Make The Pledge

Register For Connections  That Empower You As An  Individual Here To Give Advocacy Help When You Want It  We are inviting you to come and make a connection that will empower. We are registering and introducing individuals to available help and resources. We are here to support the impacted people when they need advocacy assistance. We are introducing individuals to how they can access cooperative support services. Our outreach works to connect those with similar claims for collective action. This registration is a one stop short-cut to advocacy support resources. We directly introduce and answer questions on how each of us can use this cooperative empowerment resource. After the introduction and registration there are no more required in-person meetings. Once registered the empowerment services are available 24/7.  RSVP When You Are Ready To Make Your In-Person Pledge : For more information contact: or 313 742-6018 Make The Pledge To Empower Your 1st Party Claims Front

Deep Diving To Get 1st Party Claims

The (Deep Dive) forums are hosted by for continuously intaking direction toward discovery. It's how we discover the best practices for handling specific types of incoming 1 st  party claims. The forum participants usually bring attention to new sources and ways to attract those with 1st party claims. Our current focus is on developing best practices for tracking and follow-up for incoming claims. For more information or for participation contact us. In Person Representatives Will Be Available For Private Direct Meetings In The Following Areas: April-2021 Grand Rapids, MI  May-2021 Augusta, GA  May-2021 Detroit, MI

Intro To Organizing Around 1st Party Claims

The Pre-Game In Organizing  In the public organizing space the work is not easy. Many of us have been victims of misedited problems and distorted narratives. So the effects of those distorted definitions are now the main problem. A great number of us have had the causes of our problems suppressed. so a part of organizing today is to move toward validating the 1st party claims of each individual witness. By changing the focal point of where citizen organizing starts; we increase conscious engagement. The history of abuse by the old policies have left excessive distrust. The corrective actions for the excessive distrust is improving the tools for civic engagement. Most people don’t have meaningful civic engagement instructions. Lack of instructions on how to engage has created a negative commonality among the citizenry. They all have accumulated resistance to being part of an organized group. The fear of being used and manipulated is causing too many to not engage. You’ll meet all kinds