"The Blueprint To Lift Every Voice"

Image represents a more effective advocacy model for handling the suggestions and claims made by individuals. Our networking starts from the point you make a 1stparty claim or share an experience for pointing out a problem or potential problem. The method opens full inclusiveness for defining problems and selecting solutions. This method adds a transparent continuum to what is claimed, collected and acknowledged. 
Step-1 We collect the individual’s answers to the mate3 questions. 
(1) What happened to you?                                                                                                       (2) What would you like to see happen? (3) And how do you think others can help?

Step-2 Organize and aggregate the collected 1st party claims for connecting with first step organizers, advocates, databases and others that have similar experiences and claims.
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Step-3 Have the 1st party claims of experience coll…

Teaching Networking Pt. 3

Welcome and let us teach you about networking of individual claims and input.
This is the first segment of our networking to discover the uncollected, the missing and mishandled claims of those that have had the 1st party experience. Many things that we are going to do here have never been done. We are going to keep up with the registered and authorized individuals and agencies responsible for collecting and handling our individual claims and input. 

It was the truth about what happens when ordinary people shared their claims of experience. That truth caused me to activate the network. You see when people want solutions, remedies or advocacy, the first step sets the policy. That first step organizing response is critical. When a person shares or confides a claim of experience with whomever is collecting it; A handling policy needs to be in place. Without that policy it becomes difficult to retrieve what has already been claimed.
The individual input handling polic…