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When we receive your answers to 1, 2 or all 3 of our questions we start advocacy assistance. We’ll begin rallying others that have been associated with advocating around your 1stparty claim. We will also open a search for others that have had the same or similar claims. 
No in person meetings necessary in most cases; contact us 24/7 & holidays.

(1) What happened to you?   (2) What would you like to see happen? (3) And how do you think others can help? Send your answers to:  We'll return our findings in the order of your incoming search request. 

You Can Personally Receive The Incoming 1st Party Answers On The Topic's That You Select We distribute a variety of incoming 1st party answers for free.

We Register & Invest In 1st Party Claim Collectors We’re recruiting collectors of 1st party claims, suggestions and individual input. We are also increasing the number of collectors we have around the world. We’d like you to become an individual input collector. We’ll hel…