Crossing The $10M Mark

As you may already know we’re engaging thousands of individuals to find 1st party narratives and suggestions. When we make a find we use those 1st party claims and suggestions to leverage their value to the individual. Our handling policies for incoming 1st party claims is increasing engagement. The new increase in engagement is influencing how, where and when we start communication. The communication exchange is our foundation to defining and solving problems. Our major offering is in our methods for providing management of 1st party input. Our mutual agreement based management methods allow negotiation of the policies for handling each other’s incoming 1st party claims and input. To do networking means to speak through methods that connect 1st party narratives. Today we’ve identified our market and it’s built on buyers of 1st party narratives that are in their original context. The growing number of buyers we have are expanding because of citizen demand and new requirement…

You Can't Hide From 1st Party Narratives

Increases in the collection of 1st party claims are energizing the truth. Now with the tool of networking we have more points to collect actual 1st party claims. Recently we've raised the value of having 1st party claims and suggestions. Today we have developed a $7M+ market for 1st party narratives and input. networking has become the original system of organized collaboration to solve problems. The key is discovering and developing the best practices for handling incoming 1st party claims. The Mate3 method is allowing us to capture value for the capital to fund operations. We're becoming more enabled to easily count and evaluate how incoming 1st party claims are being handled, and to what end. Take this option to receive our email newsletter about the progress being made on handling incoming 1st party claims.

“The Originators Class” On Handling 1st Party Narratives

“It’s for the techniques and methods that this class participant has an interest.” The methods have emerged as the standard maker for handling 1st party narratives. Our methods first drew acknowledgement because of the simple and effective method for handling incoming 1st party narratives. As the narratives are received our methods organize them by separating, aggregating and keeping them in their original context. Managing the various and rapidly incoming narratives for connecting; is a method. Leveling up the value of the narratives by adding a new value is a method. The building of a network of impacted 1st parties, their input handlers and the new added value has required a method. We’re teaching how to manage this developing eco-system that thrives of 1st party input. Our methods provide support and added value to the impacted 1st parties; it also adds to their problem solving simultaneously. This presentationis an introduction to the procedures and methods for…

When Problem Solving For Yourself Is Not Enough

Simply tell us your answers to 3 questions: (1) what happened to you? (2) What would you like to see happen?And (3) how do you think others can help?Send your answers to: or call 313 742-6018  Open 24/7/365 When we receive your answers to 1, 2 or all 3 of our questions; we start advocacy assistance. We’ll seek first steps toward problem solving, advocacy and direct action. We’ll start rallying others that have a history of advocating around your type of 1st party claim. We will also start a search for others that have had the same or similar experience. At the point that an in-person meeting with you is needed, it will be a meeting made specifically to address you and yours.  We take pride in tracking the handling of our 1st party claims; its a new day in organizing!

How Is Making A Difference Now

Mate3 is reducing the cost and time of collecting, organizing and connecting 1st party answers. is where those answers and input are made specialized for use to define and solve problems. Mate3 networking connects 1st party experiences through mutually agreed partnerships. Mate3 has improved our capacity to provide fair exchange of 1st party claims and input. Mate3 is now improving the options that are available for collaborative problem solving and advocacy. Another part of what we’re doing is designing improvements that make systems and methods for managing individual input. is a leader in streamlining and connecting incoming 1st party claims for specialty use. Mate3 does so in a way that places the 1st party claims closer to their position in real-time. The better positioning allows the incoming claims to guide first step responses to problem solving, and organizing. 

5 Tips For Controlling Your 1st Party Claims

(1) Start mutually agreed exchanges of 1st party claims on agreed topics. (2) Insist that your 1st party claims are collected, stored, valued and considered for defining, and solving YOUR problems.
(3) Insist that your input collectors be registered so they can be found when needed.
(4) Insist on oversight at checkpoints to validate the sources and types of incoming 1st party claims.
(5) Make policies on transparency to monitor the chain of command of your 1st party claims.  From CEO

The 3 Levels Of 1st Party Claim Ownership

Level one is to set the value, rules and requirement of your 1st party claims and suggestions. Level two is your ability to set the policies that help you track, audit and identify where and when your 1st party claim is being used, misdirected or stolen. Level three is having the means to subject the violators of level one or two to appear in court, show cause and be liable for damages. From CEO