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Image For Handling 1st Party Claims, Inputs & Suggestions We all win if we use the best offers for managing our 1 st party claims. With that realization we can prioritize making rules for how we handle the claims that come in from individuals. Receiving and aligning the actual claims with a handling system creates accountability and tracking. Our effort to make the best offer to individuals for why they should join a 1 st party claim support group is growing. Getting the mutual agreement to receive, represent or show the answers from the impacted person is essential to equity. The plan for how each member in agreement has their 1 st party claims received and handled is what we must agree on. After the mutual agreement the options are expanded for the one having the first-hand experience.

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Image For Handling 1st Party Claims, Inputs & Suggestions Everyone giving a 1 st party claim is a collaborator, supplier and potential user. We’re all contributors to the public inventory of 1 st  party narratives in their original context. This unique inventory is obtained by mutual agreement between claim providers and receivers.  The individual claim receiver must have a commitment to (1) Accept and acknowledge the 1 st party claims upon arrival. (2) Let the received claims be compared and shared with those pre-committed to assist. (3) Let the 1 st parties be matched with available resources that can support the 1 st party activism. (4) Provide secure storage and availability of the received 1 st party claims on request. The goal for everyone is to have more accountability and transparency in the handling of the incoming 1 st party claims. The goal will empower the 1 st parties with the option to choose the receiver and the amount of info to share.    Learn more about

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Image For Handling 1st Party Claims, Inputs & Suggestions Qualifying networking starts from a mutual agreement or pledge. The agreements and pledges are to receive, put in inventory, direct, or investigate incoming 1 st  party claims. To add a 1 st  party claim, experience or suggestion for networking; simply answer 1, 2 or all 3 of the following questions. What happened to you?  What would you like to see happen? And how do you think others can help? When your answers are received the networkers will start assisting with comparisons and searches. The searches are investigating our databases and registered receivers. Our assistance includes investigating for best first steps toward solving the problem, starting advocacy or taking direct action. We’re an assistant for rallying those that have a history of handling various types of incoming 1 st  party claim(s). Section 2  For Handling 1 st  Party Claims, Inputs & Suggestions Direct reporting fro

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From attempted intimidations to missing paperwork and bad customer service. Pledges from potential victims to the 1 st party claims of already victims. Both groups of victims have agreed to be a witness to their 1 st party experiences. They’ve agreed to share their claimed experiences for helping to enlighten and educate the rest of us.  As receivers we have an obligation to provide the best and most advantageous handling of incoming 1 st party claims. If you receive claims from the impacted parties being associated with is empowering. If you’ve experienced not having a receiver for your 1 st party claim(s); make yourself known and heard. You’re invited to share your 1 st party claimed experience(s) with us.  

Connect & Compare 1st Party Claims Of Experience

Below is a partial list of the 1st party claims and experiences that we're seeking. You're invited to share your 1st party experiences. You're invited to connect those who had an experience that  could help alert, define or solve a problem? We’ll also pay you from $10 to $5000 for validated referrals. Email us at or voicemail us at 313 742-6018.   Formerly incarcerated person returning and would like to do some activism or volunteerism. Black parent of an Autistic child being raised in Detroit. Detroit housing renter mistreated by the property management or staff. Home help aid for senior citizens in Michigan who has or had a complaint. Survivor of the prostitution industry in Michigan. Victim of non in-person validated credit; resulting in debt occurring as a minor. Citizens removed from public meetings by police. Parent of a student that failed the 3 rd  grade reading test in MI. Homeowners that asked for homeowner’s property tax assistance. Adults under 2