"Organizing With Denario" By CEO

Direct 1st party input and claim connection is advancing even amid much opposition. The opposition comes from the legacy of the advocates without the 1st party claims that have been allowed to take the lead. That legacy includes not articulating the difference between having and speaking about the 1st party claims. The claims allow you to identify the best start point for organizing. Collecting the claims directly lets claimants audit success. Others that get to speak without your direct claims can validate solutions that don’t work for you. When direct claims are missing, stolen or manipulated, it stalls the ability to see failures and weaknesses. Too many of us have been on a bad diet of processed input. The future of organizing people particularly Black people is dependent on healing the damage of being fed 3rd and 4th party narratives on a colonized brain for years. The handicapping thought narratives must be replaced through inputing the essential 1st party claims. The claims tha…

3 Examples Of Networking

Ken had his civil rights violated by police in a clandestine encounter. He shared his experience with the network. The result was that he received multiple suggestions and connections to advocates that stood publically with him to demand justice.

Sandra became an amputee as a result of an infection. Her physical therapist told her about networking, and she give it a try. From her answers to 3 questions we found several options that included peer support, activism and philanthropy.
1 It’s when you have had any experience and want assistance to find advocates and/or solutions. A case in point could be Gloria who was waiting on a bus near her home, while there she was approached and molested. After that encounter she used the network to find others who have had similar experiences. Later she got connected with a local mother that was already asking for a public safety camera to be installed at that bus stop