Networking To Match With

We start networking at the time of incoming 1st party claims and suggestions. We quickly compare yours for matching with others that have similar claims and/or suggestions. We can also match you with support when you begin activism as a 1st party. We also connect registered 1st party claim collectors in every state. We can quickly let you know if we already have claims similar to yours; you can also sign-up for notification of incoming claims like yours. networking gives your 1st party claim a longer life in the problem solving process. 
We accept 3 specific answers, we’ll organize those answers for networking. Our handling includes sharing answers for defining problems, validating solutions, public awareness and advocacy. We only accept answers to 3 specific questions from 1st parties and registered 1st party claim collectors.  
Message From CEO
We specialize in networking mutual agreement based communications. Our job is to collect 1st party cla…

Problems & Problem Solving Suggestions Wanted

You're invited to post a problem here or share a suggestion to solve a problem listed.
8 Suggestions To Fight Illegal Dumping (1) Promote legislation to manage accumulation, storing and transfer of trash.
(2) Fund initiatives to divert illegal dumping from occurring.
(3) Fund initiatives that create odd jobs for haulers that are sole-proprietors.
(4) Patrol, evidence and educate on potential illegal dumping.
(5) Patrol for illegal dumping in progress for prosecution.
(6) Pay rewards for Haulers that report being solicited to haul and dump illegally.
(7) Pay rewards to individuals that identify trash that will potentially be illegally dumped.
(8) Pay rewards for tips identifying haulers intent on illegally dumping.
1 Suggestion For Increasing Citizen Engagement (1) Use a 1st party claims posting administrator more often, so that 1st party claims can be seen as they are incoming. From: Angela Williams
3 Suggestions For Solving Detroit’s Blocked Water Drains
(1) Add a fine for commercial lawn com…

Noticeable Progress From Networking

We’ve speeded up the transfer rate of 1st party claims between the receivers and the providers. That increase brings both knowledge and awareness to being positioned to acknowledge each incoming 1st party claim. A major result is that we’re creating more first step organizing actions that are connectable for the average person. CEO
The 9 Proofs Of Networking
(1) Expanded influence of members through 1st party claim based advocacy assistance. (2) Improved distribution of 1st party claims to interested parties. (3) Created better accounting of individual input and feedback that’s given to others. (4) Expanded searches to find claims, suggestions and experiences that individuals share. (5) Facilitated the start-up time for early intervention and identification of problems. (6) Illuminated the handling of 1st party complaints, claims, suggestions and experiences for continuing advocacy. (7) Reduced the time it takes to collect, organize and present the individual claims …

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