We Want Your 1st Party Claims

There are definite benefits when we make 1st party claims connectable to other people that have the same or similar claims. By improving how we handle incoming 1st party claims we’re able to make measurable progress in community organizing. We’ve seen changes in policies that have caused a jump in the number of collected 1st party claims and collectors. Those policies in practice have also become a self-upgrading tool for the average person. The final analysis is that 1st party narratives capture claimed truths for better examination of problems and solutions.

About The Team We specialize in managing and networking mutual agreement based communications. Our job is to collect 1st party claims, experiences and suggestions for public awareness, organizing and advocacy. Our goal is to connect those 1st party claims for direct engagement, defining problems and validating solutions. Our input comparison services include hundreds of targeted collectors, groups and databases. We have …

Questions Answered On Networking To 11/25/19

Rick Robertson CEO of You're invited to send me any questions you have for me about networking, or about me personally, and I'll answer the question and post it here!
How do you identify the best policies for organizing? A commonly known standard lets you and I both see the organizing operate. We need to know what standard were using for defining the problem. Is it the legal standard? Is it the journalistic standard? Or Is it a political standard? The facts are that a common standard should to be agreed on in the beginning. At this is done by getting individuals to agree to have exchange; with others who have similar 1st party claims; collectively.
As the CEO what have you done? I've organized and built the largest number of connected, and registered 1st party claim & improvement suggestion collectors; internationally. 
Where does networking begin? It starts at the time of the incoming 1st party claims and suggestions. We can quickly…

1st Party Claim Based Activist Fund

This fund was started to support self-improvement among individuals that are the 1st party victims. The fund encourages 1st party experience based activism, and is open to all who qualify.

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We Register & Invest In 1st Party Claim Collectors