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Image Is Where 1st Party Claims Meet! We Start Advocacy Assistance On Notice Of Your 1st Party Claim
We search to find others with similar claims to yours. We search to find support for your 1st party activism.  We connect 1st party claim collectors in every state. We handle your 1st party claims for longterm use to validate & solve problems.  You can register to be notified of the incoming 1st party claims you select. Tell us what 1st party claims you're interested in at
We Collect & Distribute 3 Easy Answers What happened to you?   What would you like to see happen? And how do you think others can help? Send your answers to: Networking Methods, Practices, Opportunities & History clickhere to read
Get Your Problem Solving Certificates This coaching and problem solving exercise program awards certificates from level 1 to 10.
You’ll learn how to target and collect 1st party claims to use in problem solving. You’ll learn to use the …

2 Recomendations From CEO

(1) Start a mutually agreed exchange of 3 answers with atleast 1 person outside of your usual circle of associates.

(2) Insist that your 1st party claims are collected, valued and used for defining, and solving your problems.

11 Outcomes From Networking

Troy notified us that he lived in an area where very few of the residents were engaged in community development. He let us know he wanted to see more investment in organizing resident engagement in solving their problems. He told us how we could help and we did; we started the points and credits for community engagement membership card for individuals.
Tyrone was a franchise owner that felt he was being unfairly treated by his franchisor. He submitted his claimed experience for networking. 3 weeks later multiple business groups and advocates had responded with both advice and assistance. The result was that Tyrone got included in monitoring and collecting additional 1st party claims from others for his franchisor; the result was that Tyrone had made a difference by getting some new corporate policies put in place.
Mike owns a manufacturing business that’s surrounded by residential housing. After noticing the amount of small particles trapped in the buildings air filter. He sub…