The Language Of Networking

Learning to speak the language of will increase your power.
It will increase your power in the market place of advocacy, evidence and influence.
In the market place fair exchange is not robbery, but there is very little fairness in our agreement with data handlers and the data-mining industry. Branding and packaging 1st party claims and that of our group is likely the best defense strategy. Establishing the value, rules and requirement to use 1st party claims. 1st party claim gathering and connecting is the best tool for auditing public policy. Making policies for how to handle the 1st party claims you get is becoming mandatory and beneficial. Your connectivity and method of segmenting and aggregating the 1st party claims that you encounter is a strategic decision. It’s also a decision that could have gold nugget value. Compatible uses for the claims, experiences and suggestions you collect will set value options. At we assist as an agent for your collections of input. The process language of networking is here!