What Mate3.com Does For You

We intake 1st party claims and suggestions for matching with others that have similar claims and suggestions. We match you with support when you begin 1st party activism. We can quickly let you know if we already have claims similar to yours; you can also sign-up for notification of incoming claims like yours.  Mate3.com networking gives your 1st party claim a longer life in the problem solving process. We connect registered 1st party claim collectors in every state. 

What happened to you?  
What would you like to see happen?
And how do you think others can help?
Send your answers to: mate3@mate3.com

Message From Mate3.com CEO
We specialize in mutual agreement based communications. Our job is to collect 1st party claims, experiences and suggestions for public awareness, organizing and advocacy. We connect those 1st party claims for defining problems, and validating solutions. Our input handling services also include hundreds of targeted collectors, groups and databases. We have over 16 years of experience in private sector collecting of targeted citizen input for activism, agenda making and advocacy connecting. 

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12 Outcomes From Mate3.com Networking
Tahira experienced mishandling of her safety warnings that resulted in Death. She like many others came to realize that politics and legalities hindered her warnings. Her suggestion is to have automatic monitoring and one point multi-destination 1st party claim distribution. She told us how we could help and we did. Later we contracted with Tahira as a consultant on options and policies to fulfill her suggestions; as part of the mate3.com team.

Troy notified us that he lived in an area where very few of the residents were engaged in community development. He let us know he wanted to see more investment in organizing resident engagement in solving their problems. He told us how we could help and we did; we started the points and credits for community engagement membership card for individuals.

Tyrone was a franchise owner that felt he was being unfairly treated by his franchisor. He submitted his claimed experience for mate3.com networking. 3 weeks later multiple business groups and advocates had responded with both advice and assistance. The result was that Tyrone got included in monitoring and collecting additional 1st party claims from others for his franchisor; the result was that Tyrone had made a difference by getting some new corporate policies put in place.

Mike owns a manufacturing business that’s surrounded by residential housing. After noticing the amount of small particles trapped in the buildings air filter. He submitted his claim for mate3.com networking; 40 days after his claim was submitted, a group fundraising campaign to test the air around the area businesses was done. 

Angel and his neighbors claimed being tired of graffiti vandals in the area. They also suggested that they have an interest in stopping and reducing the activity of graffiti vandals. The mate3.com network connected them to Detroit’s most innovative responders to graffiti vandalism. mostwantedgraffitivandals.blogspot.com

Jill made the claim that she was experiencing post-traumatic stress from becoming aware of the “tasering” of a young man on an ATV vehicle. 4 hours later the mate3.com network had connected her with multiple active organizers and advocates on the ground a thousand miles away. 3 days later we helped her participate in supporting the protest at a local state police post near Detroit.  

Kenny experienced not having the 1st party claims of business owners like himself and they were needed. From the answers he submitted for mate3.com networking; 3 weeks later we could position him to get the claims from business owners like himself. In addition the networking found a supporter that provided financial incentives to boost the number of claims.

Nancy shared her claim about her employer who was paying women less than men. Her claim was archived for references, and then later a whistleblower at her place of employment validated her claims; so today at that company the employer is compliant with equal pay laws; and mate3.com networking helped.

Ann became a victim of an unscrupulous auto repair shop. From her submitted answers of 3 questions for mate3.com networking; Ann got assistance to file an official complaint with the State bureau of automotive regulation, and she got assistance to launch a boycott and protest of the shop. The outcome was a state ordered full refund.

Sandra became an amputee as a result of an infection. Her physical therapist told her about mate3.com networking and she give it a try. From her answers to 3 questions we found several options that included peer support, activism and philanthropy.

Gloria was waiting on a bus to school when she was approached and molested. After that encounter she submitted answers for mate3.com networking. The result was that we found others who had interest or similar experiences. Through us Gloria also got connected with a local mother that was in the process of getting funding for a citizen safety watch program for that particular bus stop. 

Paul was a care giver for his handicapped brother. Then a false claim of abuse forced him in to probate court. His experience was so bad that he wanted to change things. He gave 3 answers for mate3.com networking to start. 7 days later he had started a victim support peer group. His group fights to remove bad judges and operating policies. Have a mate3.com networking outcome for yourself.

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