Noticeable Progress From Networking

We’ve speeded up the transfer rate of 1st party claims between the receivers and the providers. That increase brings both knowledge and awareness to being positioned to acknowledge each incoming 1st party claim. A major result is that we’re creating more first step organizing actions that are connectable for the average person. CEO

The 9 Proofs Of Networking
(1) Expanded influence of members through 1st party claim based advocacy assistance. (2) Improved distribution of 1st party claims to interested parties. (3) Created better accounting of individual input and feedback that’s given to others. (4) Expanded searches to find claims, suggestions and experiences that individuals share. (5) Facilitated the start-up time for early intervention and identification of problems. (6) Illuminated the handling of 1st party complaints, claims, suggestions and experiences for continuing advocacy. (7) Reduced the time it takes to collect, organize and present the individual claims and suggestions. (8) Connected more mutually agreeing partners to engage in defining problems, building advocacy and selecting solutions. (9) Speeded up the sharing of individual input with others who are related, by previous experience or interest.