Community Service History Of's Originator

An Overview Of His Lifelong Volunteerism & Activism To Solve Problems

His First Detroit Youth Group was started in 1972 to distribute circulars that promoted voting and the election of Coleman A. Young as Mayor of the city of Detroit. The same 13-people from the circular distribution group later became The People Organization which was founded at the end of 1972. 

He started The Highland Park Hockey Club in 1974 to be Michigan’s first Black-American founded ice hockey player development initiative. (As seen in the Detroit News Tuesday August 23, 1977), (As seen in the Detroit News July 10, 1981 by Terry Cabell), (As seen in the Detroit Free Press August 15, 1985), including Detroit TV-2, Detroit TV-4, Michigan Chronicle and WCHB 1200am Radio in Detroit.  (Minimum Hours Contributed 3000)

He started The National Soc-hockey League as a one-on-one sport & league. The league initially was a fund raising tool to help Detroit based ice hockey players. It later became an organized competitive floor hockey game for two opponents; and then became a promotional challenge for prizes.  (As seen in the Detroit News Friday, July 7, 1978 and on CBS-TV-2 sports news with Don Shane).

He started The Youth Odd-Jobs Bank in 1980, after a 10 year old girl was abducted and killed trying to earn money by carrying groceries to the cars of customers at a local supermarket. Our volunteers began to go through the neighborhood soliciting odd jobs for youth between 12 and 21 from home owners and businesses, and then matching the youth with supervised odd jobs that were made available through the "Buy In Detroit" odd-jobs for youth campaign.  (As seen in the Detroit Free Press Thursday, June 11, 1981 by Monte Trammer). 

He started The Free Tenant Placement Service in 1980 to assist person's seeking residential rental property. The idea was for volunteers to call on landlords directly to solicit available housing for people in restrictive situations such as being handicapped, no car, low money or down on their luck. (As seen on the front-page of The Michigan Chronicle, Writer Kevin O. Fitzpatrick).

He started The Free Video Movie Presentations for Shut-ins Project of 1981 was started to enhance the activities that youth could bring to seniors and shut-ins, in places such as nursing homes and shelters etc. (As seen in the Detroit Free Press Tuesday, Nov. 3, 1981 page-12B). (Minimum Hours Contributed 180)

He started The Metro Detroit "Turn in a Cocaine Pusher" Campaign-1981 was started to encourage neighborhood residents to call in and report plate numbers, addresses and other information about cocaine pushers to the Detroit police. (As seen in the Highland Parker News-1981/no longer published. 

He started The Southern Alabama "Turn in a Crack Pusher Campaign-1988 was started to encourage addicts, neighbors and citizen patrols to collect information about crack dealers and turn it over to a select group of law enforcement professionals, (As seen in the summer of 1988 on TV-5 with Mel Showers and TV-10 with Rene Dials and heard on radio station WLBX-fm of Mobile, Alabama). 

He started The Central New Jersey Green Brook Clean-up Project-1989 was formed to recruit volunteers and resources to lead the way in cleaning-up a 13-mile stretch of Green Brook that has been used as an illegal dumping site in many spots . The dumping problem affects 4 different counties, We created the first volunteer powered “Watch The Green Brook Patrol & Clean-up” (as seen in the Sunday Courier-News front-page Sunday, January 21,1990 story by Kathy Balog). 

He started Parents Against Youth Intimidation and Harassment-1989 was formed to provide immediate personal surveillance & protective support for youth being intimidated and harassed inside or on the way to school by bullies or gangs. The project also promoted the need to improve safety for students on the way and while in school. (as seen in the Detroit News Wednesday, Feb. 21, 1990 by Chauncey Bailey & Thursday, May 31,1990 / also the Michigan Chronicle March 3, 1990 by Robert E. McTyre).

He started Highland Park Michigan's First Anti-Crack Campaign to enlist individuals to be advocates for stopping and reducing the use and abuse of "Crack" cocaine in Highland Park and Detroit. As seen in the Detroit News 9/1/1990 by journalist Chauncey Bailey.

He started The Free Glass in the Street Clean-up Service-1991 was formed to be a service that allowed motorist to report locations where glass was in the street. Volunteers would then be dispatched to the site to clean up the glass. (As seen in the Detroit Free Press Fri., May 10, 1991), (As seen in the Detroit Free Press Mon. Feb 27, 1995).(Minimum Hours Contributed 50)

He started Detroit Transportation for Employment Development Project-1991 was designed to assist urban dwellers in getting to suburban places of employment using ride share clubs. We uniquely served those locations that were unreachable by public transportation. The project had an emphasis on matching job seekers with suburban employment opportunities. (as seen in the Detroit News Sunday July 21, 1991, the Detroit Free Press Tuesday, October 1, 1991 front page & The Detroit News Mon. December 2, 1991 by Angelo B. Henderson, also the Detroit Free Press Tue. July 21, 1992 By Anthony Neely, also seen on CNN).

He started Alternative Powered Vehicle Development and Promotion Project was designed to promote the use and knowledge of alternative powered vehicles, particularly natural gas powered vehicles. (As seen in the Detroit Free Press March 4, 1993 and Crain's Detroit Business April 5, 1993).

He started The Master Transportation Corp. was incorporated to create a limited liability stockholder owned and operated micro-enterprise that could profit from the creation and delivery of transportation services, after-market automotive repairs and small business related services. (As seen in the Detroit Free Press Thursday November 1, 1993 page 5-F).

He started The Debt-Work Program of 1993 was designed to help people with outstanding debts, the program offered odd-jobs with the earnings going on past debt. The program became needed because a growing number of people were prohibited from having installation or activation of a phone, gas or electric service because of past debt. (as seen in the Detroit News Monday, December 27, 1993 by Angelo B. Henderson).

He started The "Adopt -A- Senior Citizen or Handicapped Person” Volunteer Snow Removal Program of 1994 was formed to match volunteers willing to shovel snow for senior citizens and handicapped person’s who were seeking the help for snow removal, (as seen in the Detroit Free Press Friday, October 28,1994 / Detroit News Tuesday, December 13,1994) and WMXD & Barden Cable Chn-6 with Cathy Young Welch. (as seen in the Detroit Free Press Mon-Jan-10-2000 and seen on FoxTV-2 on Tue-Jan-11-2000 as well as seen in the Michigan Chronicle Jan-19 thru Jan-25-2000 issue. (Minimum Hours Contributed 350)

He started I started The Shelter-Shuttle for the Homeless" of 1994 to aide homeless people in Metro Detroit who wanted a ride to local shelters or warming centers. (The shuttle ended in 1998 and moved more than 300 people during the time of operation). (As seen in the Detroit Free Press Friday June 21,1994 By Anthony Neely). 

He started The Free Residential Landscape Management Program was formed to cut weeds, trees and bushes on and around abandoned lots and residential properties. (as seen in the Detroit Free Press Tuesday, July 19,1994 by: Roger Chesley). (Minimum Hours Contributed 50)

He started Citywide Free Rides To The Poll of 1994 We delivered over 221 voters to the polls and continued through 2004, (As seen in the Detroit Free Press August 2, 1994 front page).

He started The Free Transportation for Domestic Violence Victims going to Shelters, Courts and Police Stations of 1994 was started to provide transportation for victims surviving domestic violence occurrences, (As seen in the Detroit News July 8th 1994).(Minimum Hours Contributed 100)

He started The Project to Find Jobs and Transportation For Battered Women In Shelters-1994. (As seen in the Detroit News Wednesday, November 2, 1994 By Elizabeth Atkins Bowman).

He started started The Intervale / Cloverdale Citizens Against Illegal Dumping Campaign of 1994 to promote surveillance cameras and to find more ways to stop as well as catch illegal dumpers. (as seen in the "On Detroit " section of the Detroit News Thursday, June 4,1995 by Larry Davis).

He started Free Transportation for People going to Volunteer Their Time and Services of 1996(as seen in the Detroit Free Press Tuesday, November 12, 1996).

He started The Free Transportation for Parents to Meet with Teachers of 1995 was started to assist parents with transportation for meeting with teachers regarding their child. (as seen in the Detroit Free Press Thursday, September 14,1995 pg-4b).

He started Free Haircuts for the Homeless and Wheelchair Bound of 1995 grew from a conversation with the owner of a local barber shop who caught the spirit to serve and decided to underwrite the complete cost including transportation for those in wheelchairs. (as seen in the Detroit News Monday, December 18, 1995 by Tom Greenwood / TV-50-news).

He started The Detroit Free Back to School Math & Science Preparation and Continuing Tutorial Service
 was started to demonstrate the need for early assessment and intervention while creating a lobby for the proven policy conclusions related to early intervention. (As seen in the Detroit News Wednesday, August 28, 1996 pg-3k).

He started started The Metro Detroit Volunteer Search Team to be a volunteer powered resource that helps families, guardians and friends in searching the streets of Metro Detroit for missing people. (As seen in the Detroit Free Press Thursday, March 7, 1996 by Wendy Wendland / Fox-TV-2). 

He started started the Eye's and Camera's Against Illegal Dumping of 1998 to recruit civilian deputies to assist in spotting potential illegal dumpers and clerical volunteers for maintaining a data base of previously warned potential dumpers. (As seen in the Detroit News Thursday, May 5, 1998 and on TV-7 by Val Clark).

He started The Accidental Hazardous Dumping Awareness Day of Friday, August 28, 1998 was promoted to bring attention to the problem of neglected & un-inspected overloaded vehicles on city of Detroit and state of Michigan roads. (As seen in the Michigan Citizen News August 23-29, 1998).

He started started the Detroit Neighborhoods Against Illegal Dumping-1998 to unite a public agenda and focus on reducing illegal dumping in Detroit.
(As seen in the Detroit News Friday, August 28, 1998 by R.J. King), (As seen in the Detroit News Sunday, January 22, 2006).

He started The Detroit Thanksgiving Day Dinner Shuttle Service for Senior Citizens & Homeless Shelter Residents-1998
 (As seen in the Detroit Free Press Tuesday, November 24,1998 & Detroit News Wed, November 25,1998).

He started started the Detroit Coalition For Good Customer Service-99 to promote individuals and corporate models of good customer service with gifts, incentives and recognition. (as seen in the Detroit Free Press (front page) Tuesday, August 3, 1999 by Jennifer Bott, and heard on WXYT-1270 and seen on UPN-50 and Detroit Comcast-Cable chn-6 ).

He started started the Cooling Sites Shuttle Project for Senior Citizens-2000 to locate and transport senior citizens to cooling sites when threatened by high levels of summer heat. (as seen in the Detroit News-”On Detroit” section 6/14/00 and Detroit News metro-section 6/21/00 and Michigan Chronicle/front page news briefs in 2000 & 8/7/01),(as seen in the Detroit Free press August 7, 2001 by Emilia Askari). 

He started The Repossessed Property Victims Coalition for Fairness-2001 was formed to offer legal advice and current information for getting the nearest to fair market value for auctioned and broker purchased property that was repossessed. (As seen in the Detroit News “On-Detroit” 
section 2/28/01).

He started The African American Business and Land Development Campaign 2001 to promote new ways of contributing to the economic infrastructure and social uplifting of  Americans of African descent. The main project was the purchase of stock in companies owned by Americans of African descent. (as seen on the Michigan Chronicle front-cover April 3-9, 2002) & the Pittsburgh Courier Newspaper).

He started The Free Medical Bill Auditing & Correction Advocacy-2002 grew from our Non Covered Medical Services Patient Awareness Campaign-2001We are now a national campaign to promote and advocate better consumer rights for patients. (As seen in “Consumer Reports Magazine” January 2003 issue, Bi-line: Decoding hospital bills.). As heard on CBS radio/San Francisco, California, Feb-2003. As read in the Michigan Chronicle opinion page 1/22-28, 2003. As heard on CROWN Financial Ministries April 28, 2003 Atlanta, GA. As seen on TV-4 Detroit (5pm & 11pm News) Monday, August 4, 2003. (As seen in “Consumer Reports Magazine” January 2003 issue, Bi-line: Decoding hospital bills.). As heard on CBS radio/San Francisco, California, Feb-2003. As read in the Michigan Chronicle opinion page 1/22-28, 2003. As heard on CROWN Financial Ministries April 28, 2003 Atlanta, GA. As seen on TV-4 Detroit (5pm & 11pm News) Monday, August 4, 2003. 

He startedstarted Check Points Against Parental Kidnapping-2002 to aide separating parents in the prevention of unauthorized parental child relocation and to assist in the locating of children already abducted by non-custodial or joint-custodial spouses. (As seen in the Detroit News “On Detroit Section” Wed, Jan 15, 2003).

He started started You’re A Father Now, Rights & Procedures Awareness Management Service-2003 to aide fathers in being informed on procedures, rights and obligations related to fathering and parenting children in Michigan. We also seek to educate fathers to their options and resources as it relates to the Michigan Friend of the Court.
(as seen in the Detroit Free Press April 1, 2003 front page of Metro-Section).

He started started the City Wide Campaign to Stop Panhandling on Private Property-2002 to organize greater awareness and control of the growing problem of panhandlers approaching, harassing and intimidating customers at Detroit based businesses. (as seen in the Detroit Free Press 2/27/02, by Ben Schmitt) (as seen on TV-2 2/27/02, by Sandra Ali). (As seen in the Detroit News ”On Detroit” section Wednesday, June 12, 2002). (as seen in the Detroit News metro section Sunday, March 7, 2004, by Natalie Y. Moore). ( WJR-760am Tue, March 9, 2004 11:08am). (as seen on TV-2 Wed, March 10, 2004 @ 5:54pm). (as seen on TV-7 Tuesday, May 4, 2004 @5:30pm, by Val Clark).

He Founded The Individual Input Collection & Management Association-2004

He started the No Tire Left Behind Neighborhood Improvement Project-2004 to recruit and deploy volunteers for recycling and properly disposing of abandoned tires in the Wayne County Michigan area. (As seen in the Detroit News, Sunday, January 2, 2005). (As seen in the Detroit News Wed, March 23, 2005 by Santiago Esparza), (As seen in the Detroit Free Press Mon, April 18, 2005).

He started The Connecting Workers with Rides to Work Service” 2005 in response to budget cuts in the Detroit Department of Transportation budget that affected workers who use the late night and early morning bus service. (as seen in the Detroit Free Press, Friday, February 25, 2005, by Amber Hunt Martin, as seen on Fox TV-2 News 5:30pm edition). 

He started The Deadly Drug Mixture Volunteer Powered Street Alert -2006 to issue a public alert to heroin and cocaine users, as a result of an epidemic of deaths due to a deadly mixture of street drugs and prescription drugs sold on the streets of some U.S. cities. (as seen in the Detroit Free Press / May 23, 2006 front-page written by Frank Witsil. 

He started Operation Bulk Trash Away-2005 was created to assist senior citizens, handicapped persons and low income Detroit residents with transporting bulk trash to city provided collection sites. (as seen in the Detroit Free Press Friday, Dec 30, 2005), (as heard on WCHB 1200am “Upfront“ Tuesday, January 10, 2006), (as seen in the Detroit News Sunday, January 22, 2006), (Detroit News Local Detroit Magazine Wed. January 25,2006). 

He started the After-School Odd-Jobs In Reading & Quizzing For Youth 12-21 to develop reading based odd-jobs that pay by the hour. The program also evaluated the tools young people had for volunteerism and activism. (As seen in the Detroit Free Press Sunday, September 30, 2007), (As heard on WDET Public Radio “Detroit Today“ Tuesday, January 8, 2008). 

He started Individual Input Collector Training For Youth 12-21
designed and initiated this project in 2007 to train young people to collect, organize and process individual input for decision making, and community service. (as seen in the Detroit News, Tuesday, July 8, 2008  by Jennifer Youssef).

He started The H1N1 Flu Infection Response Suggestion Contest-2009 was designed to collect ideas and suggestions that will help develop user friendly volunteer powered services that will be made operational during the 2009-2010 flu season and beyond. (As seen on the courtesy rides link at www.thestreetspeaks.wet July-2009).

Courtesy Rides To get The H1N1 Flu-Shot-2009 was designed as a rapid response to aid the high-risk target group of Detroiters without transportation that were seeking the H1N1 flu-shot. (As seen at www.thestreetspeaks.wet August-2009), (As seen in the Detroit Free Press Sunday, Dec. 13, 2009 by Niraj Warikoo).

He started the Campaign To Encourage Small Manufacturing Businesses To Locate In Detroit’s Aged Industrial Properties-2011 was designed to promote “make it in Detroit” revenue generating companies that will locate in pre-zoned light & heavy industrial properties inside the City of Detroit. (As seen in Crain’s Detroit Business Fall-2011”Living and Investing in the D” Publication.

He started the Head of Household Empowerment Program-2013
This volunteer powered program was designed to intake the complaints, suggestions and experiences shared by the heads of households. The collected input is saved and used for advocacy, problem solving and solution verification. The program works through participants answering 3 questions  (1) What happened to you? (2) What would you like to see happen? (3) How do you think others can help?

He started the Volunteer Powered Project to intake, upload and follow-up photos of trash that could potentially become illegally dumped.  As seen in the Detroit Free Press Tuesday April 22, 2014, As seen on WXYZ TV-7 in Metro-Detroit April 30, 2014 with Carolyn Clifford. 

He recruited volunteers to Take Pictures For Safer Parks And Play Areas For Children-2014 This volunteer powered project was designed to bring the emerging capabilities of digital cameras to the tool chest for making more safer communities for children. (As seen in the Detroit News Tuesday May 27, 2014)

He started a Better Communication Empowerment Initiative- 2015
This initiative was designed to start-up and invest in groups of 3 to 9 people that have become members of a mutual agreement to exchange answers to 3 simple questions with each other. The participation rewards will be monetary and material. The mutual agreement group builder must register and indicate the number of others in mutual agreement with themselves. The mutual agreement group builder will be asked to consider invitations from other mutual agreement builders that are recruiting new members.  

He founded Networking -2015 
This service was started to collect, segment, aggregate and use 3 answers to organize input from individuals to define problems, find suggestions and select solutions. This initiative simultaneously seeks early intervention points for using and connecting individual volunteerism & activism.

He started The Detroit Amateur Hockey Boosters Association 2016 to promote and assist Detroit-based amateur hockey players and potential hockey fans through game tickets, skating lessons, and grants for player development and placement. (as seen in the Detroit News Saturday July 23, 2016)

He started the Citizens Public Policy Incubator & Hatch Project 2017 to use experience based inputs to define problems and policy solutions. The inputs are aggregated for populating an agenda of policy suggestions made from the claimed experience of the first-party impacted individuals. 

He started the Investing Without Money 2017 campaign to transform individual labor, services, attendance, testing, and suggestion submissions into tradable shares of ownership in micro-enterprises. The shares only have value within the participating network of micro-enterprises and participants in the program. The shares capture value through share-holders participating in trade & sell incentive offers and promotions. 

He started the Global Refugee’s Mate3 Project 2017 was initiated to operate a 24/7 mission of collecting and presenting experiences and input from refugees around the world. The mission is to find ways to facilitate opportunities to increase public awareness of the refugee problem as well as public participation in mitigating the problems.

He started the campaign called "Your Activism Is Waiting" 2018 to give individual's the resources and connectivity to self-advocate from their point of experience through networking.  

He started The Individual Claims Collection Financing Initiative 2018 was designed to raise $400K to assist the member-owned advocacy assistance network. This network initiative is sustaining cash and resources ready and available for use in collecting individual claims. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to have "Rapid Response" to individual claims that are collected for better defining of problems and validating of solutions.

He started in 2018 to produce a marketable series of original posters for buying, collecting, selling and trading to capitalize activism and volunteerism.

He started the Partnership For Quarantined Coronavirus Victims 2020 was designed to be of assistance to individuals ordered into quarantine, and those self-quarantining for public safety.

“Activist promote & define a cause, volunteers agree & serve the cause, a community organizer seeks support for the cause and a hero is the one celebrated for their input or impact on a cause”.


Detroit's 1st Citywide Anti-Bullying Program 
Wed, Feb 21, 1990 by Chauncey Bailey Detroit NewsThursday, 
May 1, 1990 in "City Voices" Detroit News.


All of us have benefited from the spirit to serve . Where the work of the activist, the volunteers, the community organizers and the heroes are encouraged. Their speaking up, advocating and working to solve problems has made our lives better. Activist are those that alert, inform and invoke demands to be acknowledged. This blog is a continuing tribute to their spirit to serve the cause. click here


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