Our Market Is Expanding Rapidly

Mate3.com has continued to grow the niche market for organic 1st party claims and input. Now that niche market is approaching $6M (Jan-2020) in value and rapidly growing. As a company we’ve made being a 1st party witness a value and trade decision. Today there are more content curators, writers, researchers and investors in need. They’re in need of 1st party witness accounts and suggestions. The mate3.com network connects access to non-modified incoming 1st party claims with suggestions. Since the beginning of mate3.com networking in 2015 we’ve become a feeder source. A feeder source of 1st party input for thousands of collectors. The 1st party claims and our relationship with the collectors is what gives us the opportunity to share the value with others. Our methods of handling 1st party input that comes to us is where we capture the value that would otherwise be lost. Because of our methods we can collect and share profits. Mate3.com is a feeder source of 1st party claims and suggestions for thousands of collectors. Together the mate3.com network is developing shared value options made from 1st party input. Mate3 has created shareable value through how input is handled starting at the incoming 1st party claim and suggestion. Mate3.com offers data collectors access to a growing market for non-modified incoming 1st party claims that are in there natural context. 


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