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The 10X Impact Networking

The methods have emerged as a standard maker. We’ve been setting standards for handling incoming 1st party input. Our problem solving started came from our history and became our mission. Our methods start with a basic respect and acknowledgement for all incoming 1st party claims. We use a thoughtful and simple approach that organizes the input that comes in. Our approach adds directing, separating and aggregating to incoming 1st party input. We teach how and why we created a market for 1st party input of experiences. The market we built is for 1st party claims and suggestions; in their original context. Our managing of the various types of rapidly incoming inputs became a method we share. Our method causes a leveling up for the value of 1st party narratives. The added value is done by creating a qualifying minimum for truth in problem defining and solving. Our mutual agreements to have exchange has built a sustainable network. And we’re enthusiastic about teaching others ho…

Lesson #2 About 1st Party Claims

To stop the abuse of power by law enforcement, we must have the early intervention of 1st party claims. And that need depends on respecting and valuing all the incoming 1st party Originator/CEO

Choice Of Whom To Report Our Claims

Choosing the collector that can do the most for the cause is on you. From the beginning most of us would prefer a complaint collector that’s had the same experience as ourselves; or that has unique skill; or has a position to make a difference. Another key question to ask is about the history of the one coming to handle our complaints and input. To what end does the collector want the problem or issue resolved. Some collectors want to file class or group based legal actions or group protest. Some collectors are only positioned to use the 1st party claims as media content. We’ve learned that it’s smarter to share our input with collectors that are collecting for a goal(s) or for the long term. Some collectors are only there to intercept the 1st party experiences and claims. The best collectors are using specific 1st party claims to define and solve specific problems. From CEO 

I Want Your 1st Party Input
Our service finds uses and value for 1stparty experiences, input and sugge…

Picture & Document Input Handling

Our team has a made it a goal to have best practices for handling picture evidence shared by individuals.  Our secure file and picture management system is among the most secure. Our team has over the years repeatedly expanded our secure collaboration and communication systems. We’ve continued to scale up of our capacity to receive, organize and store documents and pictures for on demand use. From illegal dumping and abuse of power to human trafficking; pictures and are making a difference. It’s been the input of pictures and whistleblowers that have brought the most incriminating proof to public awareness. The ability to have co-monitoring of your selected live streams is an additional feature. Our co-monitoring program is the first of its kind being offered to average citizens. Recently big Tech has brought the ability for individuals to directly stream from online devices. took the lead on developing methods for aiding the average citizen to use co-monitoring. T…

Guidelines For Public Organizing

There are various types of organizing and problem solving done in the public interest. As those types and sources have expanded, they must be acknowledged, registered and organized. From the government to the citizen around the corner. If you’re not a 1st party to being impacted by the problem being solved; it’s simple. You should not be the one who clears what or who gives leadership direction on solving the problem. It has become abundantly clear that there must be written rules. Written rules for bringing non-1st parties to the problem solving process have become urgently needed. The reason why is the excessive number of opportunist that will use their speaking for the voiceless license; against us. The end result is that the citizens like me suffer from being misrepresented. Our first action step must be to fight the theft and silencing of our individual voices. Over the past years we’ve been developing some deep dive counter-offensive strategies. Among those strategies is a tailo…

Saving Our 1st Party Input

We give the greatest contribution when we share our 1st party experiences. Agreeing to share our claims and suggestions for defining and solving problems is valuable. It’s the single most important contribution to discovering solutions from us; for us. When we use the method we create added protection, empowerment and resources for each of us. By using a frontend agreement to have exchange, we can use the rules and opportunities to be of more precise assistance to each other. With the mutual agreement, our 1st party input is given more value and a longer life. The agreement to organize around the incoming 1st party claims; not issues; gives importance to the 1st party witness. You can expect the real accountability method when your input comes to

Lesson #1 About 1st Party Claims

The best way to evaluate service to and for the people is by their 1st party claim. We should position ourselves to know who, where and how incoming 1st party claims are arriving to help define and solve problems. 1st party claims are better than surveys for auditing and measuring individual needs and those needs being met. Originator/CEO

Coming Up From The Under

Being able to collect large amounts of 1st party experiences and feedback in real time is somewhat new. Having those 1st party claims available for use in defining and solving problems is also new. There’s a long history of devaluing and manipulating the narrative of the ones with the problem. Now we’re moving the stumbling blocks and that includes those allowed to take the lead. We’re starting with a mutual agreement to have exchange. A part of the exchange includes identifying who’s collecting which incoming 1st party claims. Next it’s the suggested solutions that come from the person having that experience. The ideas for a solution from those having the experience are essential; they should be collected together. If the ideas from victims are not collected, the solutions could silence victim voices for a long time. Sometimes it requires a team leadership model to get broader engagement. Better to have many consultants than a few loud ones. We regulate the loud voices by enforcing p…

We Pay Cash For Referrals

Are you or do you know of a person or group, that has an experience, or claim that could help define or solve a problem? If you do we’ll pay you from $10 to $5000 for the validated referral. Email us at or voicemail us at 313 742-6018. The referral fees that we pay for the 1st party claims, experiences and suggestions are pre-provided. The sources of those fees are advocacy groups, individual collectors, academic researchers, private researchers, foundations, writers, journalist etc. is a broker, collector and supplier of 1st party input(s).

Below are just a few of the claims and experiences that we connect. You're invited to share the experiences you have for public awareness and education. 

A patient of University of Michigan doctor Robert Anderson between 1968 and 2003. An employee laid off because of Covid-19 and then terminated for refusing an early return to work.  A victim of having a family members body held for debt at a nursing home in Michigan. A vi…

Access The Membership With Benefits

We provide problem solving and advocacy assistance for members like you and me. We do it through 1st party input connecting. Our services are an added benefit that’s offered to members of various organizations, clubs, non-profit and profit enterprises. 

You become a member by agreeing to notify of your answers to 3 questions 24/7. is a united agreement between members who’ve shown an interest in particular incoming 1st party claims and concerns. Upon receiving a 1st party claim we connect them with those who have an interest in being aware of those claims. 
We're waiting on your answers to 3 questions.(1) what happened to you? (2) What would you like to see happen?And (3) how do you think others can help?Send your answers to: mate3@mate3.comWhen we receive your answers to 1, 2 or all 3 of our questions; we start advocacy assistance. We’ll seek first steps toward problem solving, advocacy and direct action. We’ll start rallying others that have a history of …

Automating Advocacy Assistance

Having direct access to advocacy support without being in a political organizing group was rare. Today that’s changed and there’s opportunity for the average person to receive organized advocacy assistance; without a political group affiliation. Designing the right tools for advancing assistance to help average people has always been our objective. Eventhough big tech and little tech have tried to enter the constituent service market. Neither have gotten a domineering position on this sector. Independence is very important to us in the fastest growing group outlook; untrusting and insecure. Mutual agreements, cooperation and collaboration is the mandate for us. Most of us realize that managing citizen input without bias and indifference can be impossible. To surmount this difficult yet necessary problem of biasness in policy as it currently is we must have change. For that change to be possible we've got to do some redesign work. We’re forced to reimagine our relationship to our l…

Promoting Suggestions To Solve Problems

Suggestions for problem solving are central to members, so we’ve contributed $50K to support outreach to find the individuals willing to share suggestions. We’re seeking problem solving suggestions, particularly from those that have been a victim. A victim of the same problem to which they're giving a suggested solution is whom we're targeting. The investment is for developing 1st party participation in problem solving. Problem solving that starts from the 1st party input. With the new capital we’ll be able to expand our searches to include more collection points and collectors said Perry Keys, VP of You;re invited to share a problem you have so we can do what we can to help. 

May 2020 / 90th Edition
Get practice and rewards for having suggestions to solve problems. This service is also an open stage for individuals to introduce their suggestions and ideas for public awareness. $21K in cash and a variety of prizes have already been awarded. You're automa…

How To Connect Interest In 1st Party Claims

Start by asking a question of a person that maybe interested in the particular subject. Let that person know that you're telling them about actual 1st party claims. you let then know that the claims come from victims of whatever your subject is. And you'd ask if they would read a short sample of a few incoming 1st party claims. If that goes reasonable, I’d ask would they be willing to discuss the 1st party claims of those impacted by whatever the subject is.  And finally if they’ve kept interest up to this point. I'd finish with the question of would they accept updates on the new 1st party claims. CEO Rick Robertson

Report Theft Of 1st Party Claims

Tell us who, where and when and we'll start an independent investigation. You can email us at or voicemail or text us at 313 742-6018

Special Anti-Theft Group Launched 
The mission is to fight and expose manipulation of 1st party experiences and claims. The ATG is an investigative service collaboration sponsored by Accountability Counts LLC. The group consist of various intellectual property lawyers’ skilled in IP rights of individuals. Our current agenda is to expand the Intellectual Property Rights of 1st Party Claim Providers. Citing that Intellectual property (IP) is a legal term that refers to creations of the mind. Examples of intellectual property include words, phrases, symbols, designs etc...   The thinking is that creators will not have sufficient incentive to invent unless they are legally entitled to capture the full social value of their inventions". The intellectual property found in words is desirable because it encourages thought analysi…