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We provide problem solving and advocacy assistance for members like you and me. We do it through 1st party input connecting. Our services are an added benefit that’s offered to members of various organizations, clubs, non-profit and profit enterprises. 

You become a member by agreeing to notify of your answers to 3 questions 24/7. is a united agreement between members who’ve shown an interest in particular incoming 1st party claims and concerns. Upon receiving a 1st party claim we connect them with those who have an interest in being aware of those claims. 
We're waiting on your answers to 3 questions. (1) what happened to you? (2) What would you like to see happen? And (3) how do you think others can help? Send your answers to: When we receive your answers to 1, 2 or all 3 of our questions; we start advocacy assistance. We’ll seek first steps toward problem solving, advocacy and direct action. We’ll start rallying others that have a history of association with advocating around your type of 1st party claim. We will also start a search for others that have had the same or similar experience. No in person meetings necessary in most cases; answers received 24/7 & holidays.  

Currently there are more than 501K individuals that have direct access to our assistance. Our assistance is free to members and for solving problems and supporting 1st party activism.  

9 Benefits Of Networking
(1) networking expands the influence of members through standardized advocacy assistance. (2) networking improves distribution of 1st party claims to public officials, professionals, media, advocates and private administrators. (3) networking creates better accounting of individual input and feedback that’s given to others. (4) networking promotes expansion of searches to find solutions and connect suggestions that individuals share. (5) networking facilitates the start-up time for early intervention and identification of problems. (6) networking illuminates the handling of 1st party complaints, issues, suggestions and experiences for continuing advocacy. (7) networking is reducing the time it takes to collect, organize and present the individual claims and suggestions. (8) networking connects the individual thoughts with mutually agreeing partners to engage in defining problems, building advocacy and selecting solutions. (9) networking speeds up the sharing with others who are related to your claim by previous experience or interest.

Individual & group memberships are available.


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