Picture & Document Input Handling

Our team has a made it a goal to have best practices for handling picture evidence shared by individuals.  Our secure file and picture management system is among the most secure. Our team has over the years repeatedly expanded our secure collaboration and communication systems. We’ve continued to scale up of our capacity to receive, organize and store documents and pictures for on demand use. From illegal dumping and abuse of power to human trafficking; pictures and mate3.com are making a difference. It’s been the input of pictures and whistleblowers that have brought the most incriminating proof to public awareness. The ability to have co-monitoring of your selected live streams is an additional feature. Our co-monitoring program is the first of its kind being offered to average citizens. Recently big Tech has brought the ability for individuals to directly stream from online devices. Mate3.com took the lead on developing methods for aiding the average citizen to use co-monitoring. The real-time co-monitoring option allows an evidence intensive approach to solving problems. Mate3.com CEO    


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