Coming Up From The Under

Being able to collect large amounts of 1st party experiences and feedback in real time is somewhat new. Having those 1st party claims available for use in defining and solving problems is also new. There’s a long history of devaluing and manipulating the narrative of the ones with the problem. Now we’re moving the stumbling blocks and that includes those allowed to take the lead. We’re starting with a mutual agreement to have exchange. A part of the exchange includes identifying who’s collecting which incoming 1st party claims. Next it’s the suggested solutions that come from the person having that experience. The ideas for a solution from those having the experience are essential; they should be collected together. If the ideas from victims are not collected, the solutions could silence victim voices for a long time. Sometimes it requires a team leadership model to get broader engagement. Better to have many consultants than a few loud ones. We regulate the loud voices by enforcing problem solving rules. The rules would be designed to empower the narratological component of the ones with the problem. Policies and rules that acknowledge and empower the 1st parties are what we want. Our demands mean we’re raising the value and requirement of the 1st party input. CEO Rick Robertson


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