Choice Of Whom To Report Our Claims

Choosing the collector that can do the most for the cause is on you. From the beginning most of us would prefer a complaint collector that’s had the same experience as ourselves; or that has unique skill; or has a position to make a difference. Another key question to ask is about the history of the one coming to handle our complaints and input. To what end does the collector want the problem or issue resolved. Some collectors want to file class or group based legal actions or group protest. Some collectors are only positioned to use the 1st party claims as media content. We’ve learned that it’s smarter to share our input with collectors that are collecting for a goal(s) or for the long term. Some collectors are only there to intercept the 1st party experiences and claims. The best collectors are using specific 1st party claims to define and solve specific problems. From CEO 

I Want Your 1st Party Input
Our service finds uses and value for 1st party experiences, input and suggestions. Our team of agents will work to locate and capture the value of 1st party input. Our service only represents collectors and owners of input that is 1st party in origin. The mission of our service is to serve problem defining and solving with direct 1st party experiences, input and suggestions. We can provide various types of unique in-house opportunities to let you share, build or market your 1st party experiences, suggestions and claims.

Each Collector is Bonded & insured for $1M+


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