Report Manipulation Of 1st Party Claims

Tell us who, where and when and we'll start an independent investigation of mishandling of 1st party claims. You can email us at or voicemail or text us at 313 742-6018

Special Anti-Theft Group Launched 
The mission is to fight and expose manipulation of 1st party experiences and claims. The ATG is an investigative service collaboration sponsored by Accountability Counts LLC. The group consist of various intellectual property lawyers’ skilled in IP rights of individuals. Our current agenda is to expand the Intellectual Property Rights of 1st Party Claim Providers. Citing that Intellectual property (IP) is a legal term that refers to creations of the mind. Examples of intellectual property include words, phrases, symbols, designs etc...   The thinking is that creators will not have sufficient incentive to invent unless they are legally entitled to capture the full social value of their inventions". The intellectual property found in words is desirable because it encourages thought analysis, which inspires innovation to perspective. The Copyright does not cover ideas and information themselves; but it does cover the form or manner in which they are expressed. networkers acknowledge the one giving the 1st party claim; and organizes it in such a way that keeps the one providing the claim with defined rights.


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