Guidelines For Public Organizing

There are various types of organizing and problem solving done in the public interest. As those types and sources have expanded, they must be acknowledged, registered and organized. From the government to the citizen around the corner. If you’re not a 1st party to being impacted by the problem being solved; it’s simple. You should not be the one who clears what or who gives leadership direction on solving the problem. It has become abundantly clear that there must be written rules. Written rules for bringing non-1st parties to the problem solving process have become urgently needed. The reason why is the excessive number of opportunist that will use their speaking for the voiceless license; against us. The end result is that the citizens like me suffer from being misrepresented. Our first action step must be to fight the theft and silencing of our individual voices. Over the past years we’ve been developing some deep dive counter-offensive strategies. Among those strategies is a tailored response to theft of 1st party claims and input. Tell us the suggested guidelines you’d like to see considered. What do you want considered for this first time ever written policy-set for handling our incoming 1st party claims?  


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