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Image represents a more effective handling strategy for claims made by individuals. networking starts from the point you make a 1st party claim or share an experience for pointing out a problem. The method opens inclusiveness to defining problems and selecting solutions. The method adds a transparent continuum to what is claimed, collected and acknowledged. By raising the value of the 1st party claims we create a margin of empowerment for that individual. That empowerment is a benefit to the individual that is making known a claim. As we connect the people with similar experiences, claims and aspirations we create another benefit. The objective of the network is to help those that are connected to connect as interventionist. An army of interventionist positioned to become aware of claims to be connected and then connecting them. Networking Positions 1st Party Claims For Long Term Use

Being positioned to be made aware of claims related to your interest or area of expertise is important. It’s also important for average citizens to be empowered to share their experiences for defining problems and selecting solutions. To evidence is to validate by 1st party experience and claims. The option for preservation and integration of individual input is what we have today. Those that know the value of timely information have realized the value of being informed. Are you being connected to others with similar experiences, claims or suggestions that may better inform your decisions? You can be in a validated position for being informed of individual claims, experiences and suggestions. 
We collect more claims, from more individuals in more places, on more subjects  at more times, than anyone! 

The Problem That Networking Addresses Is...

Operating the infrastructure for sustaining an evolving directory for advocacy is the purpose of Getting the first-party experiences and claims for public awareness and advocacy is what we do. Those experiences and claims offer the most organic insights of problem solving success.  The fast moving fluidity of complex issues that need our individual input is the demand of growing democracy today. And it’s today that we must ramp up our ability to collect the individual experiences and claims to match with the claims of public administrators. declares that the time for better policies and practices for citizen input collection is now. Those 1st party claims are necessary for early intervention at the points of defining the problem and selecting the solution.  It has been a long running complaint that to many make decisions based on expert input without the impacted parties input. is there as the role of the narrators of public life are being forced to evo…