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11K+ Collect Claims With

Image Is Where 1st Party Claims Meet! We Start Advocacy Assistance On Notice Of Your 1st Party Claim
We search to find others with similar claims to yours. We search to find support for your 1st party activism.  We connect 1st party claim collectors in every state. We handle your 1st party claims for longterm use to validate & solve problems.  You can register to be notified of the incoming 1st party claims you select. Tell us what 1st party claims you're interested in at
We Collect & Distribute 3 Easy Answers What happened to you?   What would you like to see happen? And how do you think others can help? Send your answers to: Networking Methods, Practices, Opportunities & History clickhere to read
Get Your Problem Solving Certificates This coaching and problem solving exercise program awards certificates from level 1 to 10.
You’ll learn how to target and collect 1st party claims to use in problem solving. You’ll learn to use the …