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Getting In The Flow Of Handling 1st Party Claims

Moving from organizing around the issue, to organizing around the 1st party claim is a major change. This change in approach facilitates partnerships in problem solving. The number of truth triggers that can simultaneously be activated can be greatly increased with the networking approach. is bringing the flow in to problem solving by connecting policies and sources to find solutions. Using networking to connect input for problem defining makes solution validation easier and faster.  By automating the feeder mechanism for 1st party claims, we simultaneously power more precise evidence gathering. CEO

It's Time To Change Our Advocacy Model

The seed of networking did not only grow tall, it also grew deep. The standards of organizing for problem solving and validating solutions has been improved; accountability counts. networking is aggregating individual input into a measurable part of making innovations to advocacy. We produce first step and direct organizing designs based on mutual agreements. From those new designs we’ve been able to speed up work on finding new claims and best responses. The next stage of work has been in finding the missing practices to have a data-used definition alignment check. The DUD alignment checks have illuminated a spectrum of new data-types used for advocacy and organizing. And changes to our organizing and advocacy models must be made or the cycle of disarticulation will continue. CEO

What Does For You

We intake 1st party claims and suggestions for matching with others that have similar claims and suggestions. We match you with support when you begin 1st party activism. We can quickly let you know if we already have claims similar to yours; you can also sign-up for notification of incoming claims like yours. networking gives your 1st party claim a longer life in the problem solving process. We connect registered 1st party claim collectors in every state.
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Message From CEO
We specialize in mutual agreement based communications. Our job is to collect 1st party claims, experiences and suggestions for public awareness, organizing and advocacy. We connect those 1st party claims for defining problems, and validating solutions. Our input handling services also include hundreds of targeted collectors, groups and databases. We have over 16 years …

1st Party Claim Collectors Can Get Rewarded


Supporting New Activism Start-Up

Image CEO's Official Service Mark Was Born:

My First Detroit Youth Group was started in 1972to distribute circulars that promoted voting and the election of Coleman A. Young as Mayor of the city of Detroit. The same 13-people from the circular distribution group later joined what we called The People Organization which was founded at the end of 1972. 

I started The Highland Park Hockey Clubin 1974 to be Michigan’s first African-American founded ice hockey player development initiative. (As seen in the Detroit News Tuesday August 23, 1977), (As seen in the Detroit News July 10, 1981 by Terry Cabell), (As seen in the Detroit Free Press August 15, 1985), including Detroit TV-2, Detroit TV-4, Michigan Chronicle and WCHB 1200am Radio in Detroit.  (Minimum Hours Contributed 3000)
I started The National Soc-hockey Leagueas a one-on-one sport & league. The league initially was a fund raising tool to help Detroit based ice hockey players. It later became an organized competitive floor…