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What Does For You

We intake 1st party claims and suggestions for matching with others that have similar claims and/or suggestions. We match you with support when you begin 1st party activism. We also connect registered 1st party claim collectors in every state. We can also quickly let you know if we already have claims similar to yours; you can also sign-up for notification of incoming claims like yours. networking gives your 1st party claim a longer life in the problem solving process. 
We accept 3 specific answers, we’ll organize those answers for networking. Our handling includes sharing answers for defining problems, validating solutions, public awareness and advocacy. We only accept answers to 3 specific questions from 1st parties and registered 1st party claim collectors.  

Answer These 3 Questions
What happened to you?  
What would you like to see happen?
And how do you think others can help?
What happened to you?   What would you like to see happen? And how do you think others can …

Your Independent Collector Of 1st Party Input

For years we’ve developed policies that empower the individual. We’ve listed and monitored best practices for handling each incoming 1st party claim. We know that the work of finding and solving problems is imparative. We also know to work on removing hinderances to citizen participation in collaborative problem solving. 

Are You Planning For 1st Party Claims? We Are  @ The Application Programming Interface operating group of Our work is in the area of value analysis of practical applications that can be bundled. Today networking can provide you with positional insight that wil help you interact with 1st party claims; in the public interest. 

Coalition For Fair Management Of 1st Party Claims 

Cash For Referring People With Wanted 1st Party Claims

If you refer a person with a 1st party claim to us and we collect it; you get paid. The maximum price and rates depend on the types of referrals and the use life of the claims.  Each city and or state has their most wanted list. for more information contact us at