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How Is Making A Difference Today

Mate3 is reducing the cost and time of collecting, organizing and connecting 1st party answers. is where those answers and input are gathered for use to define and solve problems. Mate3 networking connects 1st party experiences through mutually agreed partnerships. Mate3 has improved our capacity to provide fair exchange of 1st party claims and input. Mate3 is now improving the options that are available for collaborative problem solving and advocacy. Another part of what we’re doing is designing improvements that make systems and methods for managing individual input. is a leader in streamlining and connecting incoming 1st party claims for specialty use. Mate3 does so in a way that places the 1st party claims closer to their position in real-time. The better positioning allows the incoming claims to guide first step responses to problem solving, and organizing. 

5 Tips For Controlling Your 1st Party Claims

(1) Start mutually agreed exchanges of 1st party claims on agreed topics. (2) Insist that your 1st party claims are collected, stored, valued and considered for defining, and solving YOUR problems.
(3) Insist that your input collectors be registered so they can be found when needed.
(4) Insist on oversight at checkpoints to validate the sources and types of incoming 1st party claims.
(5) Make policies on transparency to monitor the chain of command of your 1st party claims.  From CEO

The 3 Levels Of 1st Party Claim Ownership

Level one is to set the value, rules and requirement of your 1st party claims and suggestions. Level two is your ability to set the policies that help you track, audit and identify where and when your 1st party claim is being used, misdirected or stolen. Level three is having the means to subject the violators of level one or two to appear in court, show cause and be liable for damages. From CEO

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